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What to Expect on a First Visit

For Adults, the first visit to our office consists of a comprehensive examination that will allow us to evaluate your teeth, gums, soft tissues, and TMJ. We will also review your medical history as well as any medications. Depending on your specific presentation, the dentist may want a full set of x-rays or a panoramic x-ray. Every person is different and therefore the x-rays that you receive may be different from someone else based on symptoms, amount of past dental work, any gum problems, etc. If the dentist deems your gums (periodontal health) as being good, you may get your teeth cleaned the first visit. A treatment plan for any necessary work or elective work will be discussed with you when you leave the office.

For children, the first visit is usually with the dentist. We want new children to feel comfortable with their dentist since they will be seeing them for several years to come. For children under 5, the first visit can be as little as a visual exam to actually cleaning their teeth, giving fluoride, and even x-rays in children where we are unable to fully examine the portions of the teeth that contact each other. Often dietary concerns are addressed with the parent as well as proper oral hygiene. One important concern that we discuss is whether the water source is from a well which lacks fluoride.

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